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Trusted by Patients and Medical Experts worldwide. We have strengthened our position as leaders in the Indian pharmaceutical sector, and we’ll keep our commitment to serving humanity through quality medication. 

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About Us

At Impact Care, we try to make sure that people in need have access to affordable and high-quality medications. Care & Cure is the foundation upon which Impact Healthcare Pvt Ltd, as an organisation, was founded in 2004. Our primary objective has always been and will always be from care to cure. Motivated by the same goal, we have expanded to more than 50+ countries, offering more than 2,500 medications in 20+ dosage forms and spanning numerous therapeutic categories.


Impact Healthcare is Inspired by Purpose

Impact Healthcare has been constructed upon the bedrock of Care. This objective, which is 20 years old, is what motivates us and is the focal point of all of our goals and thoughts. Inspired by purpose, we consider ideas and actions that promote “From Care to Cure” and are long-lasting.

Access to Healthcare

We believe everyone deserves to be heard, seen and cared for to be cured. Our in-house productions are globally accessible and affordable.

Environmental Sustainability

We enhance our company's ability to withstand changes in the environment by showing concern and minimising waste production.

Diversity and Equity

Our goal is to be accessible while expressing the variety of our communities and maximising the potential because when we are at our best selves, miracles happen.


Impact Health Care act morally and ethically. As we positively affect the lives of patients and the world's health, we take ownership of safety.

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Every phase of our operations, including purchasing, production, transportation, and safe product disposal, is infused with quality.

Research and Development

Our research is fast, connected, transparent and open to criticism, focused on succeeding in a competitive atmosphere.

Packaging & Labelling Services

Our client’s satisfaction and potential to support the lives of patients is valued in Impact Health Care rather than profit and digits.

Client Satisfaction

The packaging and labelling services improve the way your pharmaceutical products are presented.

Quality Assurance &
Quality Control

Quality Assurance & Quality Control

At Impact Health Care we are
committed to working forward with 

At Impact Health Care we are committed to working forward with 

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Our Formulation Facilities:
Centers of Pharmaceutical Excellence

Our advanced manufacturing facilities meet both national and international standards.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Impact Healthcare mission and vision is named the Purpose of Impact, which is to Care and to Cure.
The four guiding principles of Impact culture are satisfaction, ownership, quality, and courage.
Some of the most effective medications and vaccines in the world have been created by Impact, including the internationally recognised pain reliever, a popular drug for the treatment of panic and anxiety conditions a treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED), a vaccine to help prevent COVID-19.
Impact was incorporated in 2004.

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