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Monsieur Capsule – Fungal Infection Medication

Dosage Form Composition Pack Detail
Capsule Myristica officinalis 20mg,Withania somnifera 40mg,Mukuna Pruciens 40mg,Pedalium murex 40mg,Asphalatum 50mg
Curculigo orchioides 40mg,Abrus precatorious 40mg,Moskus 40mg,Adds Kendens 30mg,Myristica fragrans 10mg,Ocymum sanctum 10mg
Crocistigmata 2mg,Anacvclus pyrethrum 20mg,Astercantha Longifolia 20mg,Caryophllus aromaticus 10mg,Convolvulus paniculatu 10mg
Orchid mascula 10mg,Cubeba officinalis 5mg,Sida Cordifolia 20mg,loh Bhasam 25mg,Makar Dhawaj 8mg,Swarn Vang Bhasam 0.25mg
1 x 10 Capsules


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