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Cough Off Syrup 100 ml : Dry Cough and Allergy Medication

Dosage Form Composition Pack Detail
Syrup Adhatoda vasica 5mg,Piper longum 25mg,Piper nigrum 20mg,Zingiber afficinale 12mgGlycyrrhiza glabra 10mg,
Emblica officinale 16mg,Curcuma Ionga 15mg,Acacia catechu 17mg,Foeniculum vulgare 18mg,Ocimum sanctum 5mg,
Terminelia chebula 5mg,Terminelia bellerica 5mg,Alpinia galanga 20mg,Abrus precatorious 20mg,Menthol 2mg,Aqua 2.805ml
Sorbitol2ml,Sodium Benzoate0.20%,Bronopol0.05%,Citric Acid Monohydrate0.50%,Sodium Citrate0.20%.
100 ml Bottle


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