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Fitjoy Capsule

Dosage Form Composition Pack Detail
Capsule Bolsarnodendron roxburghi 120mg,Garclnia purpuria 50mg,Ipomoea turpethum 10mgcombination of three Herbs 40mg,Embelia ribes 25mg
Piper longum 25mg,Piper nigrum 25mg,Plumbago zeylnnica 30mg,Cyperus rotundus 30mg,Zingibe officinnle 25mg
Tinospera cordifolia 30mg,Acacia catechu 30mg,Fregonella arthex 20mgPicrorhiza kurroa 10mg,Allium sativum 10mg,Ananos comosus 10mg,Ferrum 10mg,Sodium Benzoate0.02mg
3 x 10 Capsules


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