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Battling Obesity: A Personal Journey

The rising tide of obesity is a challenge that demands a global healthcare result. But it’s not just about statistics; it’s about people. People like Noubin of Impact Healthcare, has fought a long and hard battle against the disease. “My weight issues started subtly. Childhood comfort foods turned into unhealthy […]

Bridging the Gap: Personalized Medicine and the Future of Cancer Care in West Africa with Impact Healthcare

Cancer treatment has come a long way, but significant hurdles remain in West Africa.  While researchers have made remarkable progress in understanding the genetic and epigenetic factors driving tumours and immune system evasion, many unmet needs persist. Patients with rare cancers often face poorer outcomes compared to those with more […]

A Look Inside the World of Vaccines

Vaccines are the ultimate preventative warriors in our fight against disease.  By introducing a weakened or inactive form of a germ, or a molecule containing instructions for building defenses, they train our immune system to recognize and combat future threats.  This ingenious strategy has saved countless lives and continues to […]

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